Hello Pal Version 3: Bigger Features, Richer Chatting Experience!

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Hello Pals!

It has been a while since our last major update, and we’d like to take this time to let everyone know about the new changes in our app since version 2.0. You’ve told us what you wanted, and we have tried our best to listen and factor your wishes in our Hello Pal app, so here it is… a bigger and better Hello Pal!



Version 3.0 NEW Features

Meet and greet your pals with our new AUDIO and VIDEO calls!

A lot of you enjoy Hello Pal as a social app – meeting new people and learning languages at the same time: that’s a huge reason why we thought a messaging system is so important. And with most of the chat apps out there building in functions for audio and video calls, a lot of our users feel that in order for Hello Pal to keep up and stay ahead of the curve, we needed this function, too.

With this, we’re very happy to announce that Hello Pal version 3.0 comes with an Audio and Video call function!

When both you and your pal agree to a call, on your chat, just tap on the (+) button and you’ll have a new menu to tap on to start your call.


Here’s how it works:

Both you and your pal have to be online and currently on a chat to initiate a call. And of course, both of you have to be willing to take the call, too!

This is a fresh release, so let us know what you think!

Spice up your chat with our new STICKERS! (With more sticker packs coming soon!)

To add a bit of color to your chats, we’ve added some stickers to make your conversations more interesting!  While on a chat with a pal, just tap the [x] and swipe to the left to pull up all the quirky new stickers you case use.


Improved Chat Features: Search lists, delete selected messages, and more!

Chat list getting  a bit too long? Find the chat you need with our new list SEARCH function! (Available in the Chat and Games lists.) While on a chat list, just pull the  whole screen down and a Search field will appear! (Using an Android? There’s a dedicated search icon up on top!)

Want to delete some messages in a chat? Now you can! Tap and hold on any message and you’ll see a option to delete single messages.


Has anyone ever sent you something in Hello Pal which you’d like to send to a friend on a different app platform? Now, all you have to do is tap and hold on the media and you’ll get an option to forward the file to conversations on different chat apps.


And that wraps up the new features we’ve added in our latest update! Of course, with this, you’ll be required to download the latest (and hopefully greatest) build from your app store!

We hope you enjoy these new features, and we’re eager to know what you think of them, so please feel free to comment below! We look forward to hearing from you!


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