Hello Pal Platform

Livestreaming Service

What is Livestreaming?

Livestreaming allows Hello Pal users to broadcast themselves to other users in real time, receive virtual gifts, coins and redeem them for cash.

Robust Growth

Livestreaming has added growth momentum to Hello Pal’s userbase which now stands at 6.7 million registered users from over 200 countries and regions.

Strong Daily Usage

Over 20,000 active livestreamers and viewers have been online daily from October 2020 to present and steadily increasing.

Asian Subsidiary Achieves Profitability

Hello Pal’s Asian subsidiary has been cashflow positive from October 2020 to present.

5G Revolution

5G has allowed for stronger signals and clearer pictures for users across the globe. Also livestreaming has boosted sectors like education, entertainment and tourism

Livestreaming Business Revenue Model



1 on 1 Video Matching Service (Free)

  • Advanced technology to quickly and easily match users to video chat with
  • Users are matched based on similar interest the user selects
  • Comparable to the Azar app – monthly revenues of over US$8M

VIP Membership System

  • Subscribe for additional perks and functionality to enhance the video matching experience
  • Allows a host/user additional perks and functionality within the Hello Pal app
    • Targeted matching and video matching chat duration
    • Access to unlimited translation
  • Prices range from CAD $3.35/week to CAD $64/year
  • Led by most recent team member (Vincent Chai) who has experience and success in launching international 1-on-1 livestreaming app

Make Money Livestreaming

Step 1

To start a livestream, click on the plus button below in the “Live” page and tap on launch button.

Step 2

Fill in some details and then click “Start Livestreaming” when ready.

Step 3

As the host receives Gifts in the livestream room, they receive the corresponding income.


Step 4

After the livestream ends, the total Charm value will be displayed to the host.

Step 5

To see current Charm earnings, go to Settings > My Earnings. The Charm value can be used to withdraw cash or exchange for Coins.

5 Steps to withdraw earnings

Step 1

In the bottom menu, go to Me (Settings).


Step 2

In the Me page, select on My Earnings.

Step 3

From the top, tap on the Withdrawal button.


Step 4

Enter the withdrawal amount, choose a payment method and tap Confirm Withdrawal.

Step 5

Enter the required information, press Withdraw Now and wait for approval (takes within 3 working days).


The Available Amount for Withdrawal in My Earnings is displayed in RMB. The actual amount transferred to your account depends on the exchange rate determined by the company managing your account.

Expanding Livestreaming into non-China Markets

Launched livestreaming operations in the Middle East and South-East Asia

  • Overseas livestreaming time now more than double that of China
  • Daily overseas hosts now double those of China
  • Overseas daily gift givers almost double those of China
  • Livestreamers from over 180 countries

Middle East Expansion

  • Current livestreaming operations in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Bahrain
    • Expanding operation to surrounding countries
  • Working with key partners with an established network of livestreaming hosts
    • Ensuring quality of user traffic to consume the livestream content
  • Working with additional key partners with an established user base in the Middle East
    • Providing livestream content that caters to the Arabic-speaking world
  • Now over 50,000 streamers from ME (50465 streamers and counting)