Hello Pal Platform

Palto (PLT) – Blockchain-Utility Token

Market leaders successfully created their own tokens like HP.

For example: Facebook’s Libra coin and J.P. Morgan’s JPM coin

Allows people to exchange Palto’s for service. Simultaneously, active posters can be remunerated in Paltos, as gifts from other users.

Paltos are secured in Hello Pal’s digital wallet alongside other digital currencies that the user may have, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Paltos enables an expansive ecosystem consisting of multiple parties such as users, developers, service providers, publishers, advertisers, and other participants.

This token will help create a stronger ecosystem within Hello Pal. Allowing users to interact with one another and be able to create real cash for oneself.

Hello Pal’s Platform is ready to Welcome 5G Revolution