What makes Hello Pal unique?

The original concept for Hello Pal is to unite the world through the app with no language boundaries. By using the built-in translation tools, users can communicate freely regardless of language or country. The main features of Hello Pal is Live, Chat and Moments.

One of the unique highlights of Chat is its powerful phrasebook. It allows users to communicate with each other with ready-made phrases in multiple languages. So wherever or whomever the user chats with in the world, they can surely start a conversation with ease.

Like WeChat or Instagram, Moments enables users to share text, audio, pictures or short videos. What makes Hello Pal unique is its translation feature. If a user posts a moment, others can simply tap on the translate button and the post will be translated immediately.

Recently, Hello Pal has added a new livestreaming feature called Live. It allows users to broadcast themselves to others in real-time, receive virtual gifts and turn them into cash. By adding Live, Hello Pal users can now have a complete social-media experience through the app. With 4.4 million users to date, Hello Pal has proven itself to be quite successful and popular among social media apps.