Hello Pal Version 1.4 released, Upcoming Games Features

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Hello, Pals!

In this newsletter:

  • Latest version launched – v.1.4
  • Phrasebook Update
  • Upcoming Phrasebook Games

Latest Version Launched – v.1.4

Since our last newsletter we have had two major updates, 1.3 and 1.4, and here are the highlights of the new features and improvements since 1.2:

  • New Phrasebook UI – As part of our ongoing transition to a new user interface for 2.0, we’ve changed the way Phrasebooks are used, and we think it should now be easier and more intuitive to use.



  • Translation Tools – Advanced language speakers who can already type/write in a foreign language can now access the translator as you type and INSERT translated words into what you were writing.



  • New Chats – To keep your list of chats neat and tidy, all new incoming chats are now grouped together under “New Chats”, and will stay there until you reply to a particular chat.



Other changes include:

  • Favorite Phrases
  • Delete chat history
  • Bigger smilies

For a full list of changes, tap on Discover > News in the app to see all version revisions.


Upcoming Features

Games – You may remember that we previously mentioned our upcoming Games function when we introduced Leveled Phrasebooks. We are making good progress with it and hopefully you will see it soon along with the release of version 2.0 of Hello Pal. The first game released will a simple Phrasebook challenge game that allows you to play with other users and test yourself on foreign language phrases at the same time.

Incoming Chat Filters – We are also hard at work to add filters so that you will be able to automatically filter out incoming chats using different criteria, so as to keep your chat list even cleaner and your experience more enjoyable.

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