Hello Pal App Cracks Singapore Top 100

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Hello Pal is Moving its Way Up The App Store Charts

Stock Social has posted an extensive overview of Hello Pal’s growing app penetration this morning, noting that the app recently broke into the Singapore top 100 list. The article does a deep dive on founder KL Wong’s experience in EdTech, Hello Pal backer Hans Xu from New Margin Ventures’ previous success in the tech and mobile apps world, and the unique and infectious nature of a chat app that works across language barriers.

Typical successful apps that gain traction involve the smartphone’s primary use, communication. Whether it’s text apps like WhatsApp or photo/video text apps like SnapChat, apps that involve peer-to-peer interaction tend to spread virally, powered mostly by word of mouth.

As global communities continue to interact more and more internationally, the importance of language is growing annually. Travelers around the world, or just armchair companion seekers are starting to utilize translation and language learning software at climbing rates.

Whether it’s asking for the WiFi password from the concierge in Brazilian Portuguese, or inviting that cute group of French tourists you met out to join you for drinks; having another language at your disposal can be crucial and advantageous for even the most casual globetrotters.

Monetizing Socialization

Strong user adoption is what all new app ventures want to see, and Hello Pal is glad to have it. Eventually, though, even the strongest platform has to generate revenue, and everyone knows it even if it’s out of fashion to say it.

The article goes on to answer the billion dollar question that gets asked of all companies who offer their apps for free: “How is this going to pay?”

The company has many advertising/sponsorship possibilities they can choose to activate. So far Hello Pal has refrained from in-app advertising as it continues to grow out its user base.

Most likely, however, will the app be used by language instructors, who will have the option of offering their services and charging fees, which Hello Pal will be entitled to also capitalize on for facilitating the transaction.

Either way, as the app which so far has held a respectable 4-star rating averaged over close to 8,000 reviews in the Play Store, and the user base continues to grow, so does the user experience. With more users to chat with, the platform gains strength.

With a marketing budget so-far only in the $10,000s, and very little conventional promotion so far, and without yet having been a featured app on either the Android or iOS app stores, Hello Pal’s trajectory has yet to truly take off towards its potential and more importantly the potential for the company’s investors.

The whole article is worth the read. Check it out here.

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