Travel Pal T-shirt

A tee for any traveler

Don’t know the local language when you travel? Fear no longer! Take this shirt anywhere around the world and you’ve at least got the basics covered!

The shirt features 56 universal icons to help you on your trip. They range from food, places, transport, and other useful icons. Now you can simply ‘point and go’!




How does it work?

Universal icons are known wherever you go. Using the t-shirt is simple as pointing your finger to an icon.

For example, if you need a taxi, simply point at the taxi icon. Need a place to eat? Point at the meal icon. Simple! This way, people will immediately know what you mean.

You can also use multiple icons as combinations, or use icons along with your hand gestures. For example, you can use the map, bus, and beach icons to ask someone for directions on getting to the beach by bus. Or you could point to the pork icon while motioning ‘no’ with your hands or by shaking your head to indicate that you cannot eat pork.

Below you’ll find a list of all the icons with different scenarios which you may find useful on your next trip.


Icon Name Scenario
icon_01 Cold Drink

I want a cold drink.
Can I have it with ice?

icon_02 Hot Drink

Can I have a hot drink?
Where is the coffee shop (Starbucks, etc)?

icon_03 Eat / Meal

Where is the restaurant?
I want to eat.

icon_04 Ice cream / Dessert

I’d like to order some dessert.
Where can I get some ice cream?

pork Pork

I want pork.
Is this pork?

beef Beef

I want beef.
Is this beef?

pork Chicken

I want chicken.
Is this chicken?

beef Fish

I want fish.
Is this fish?

pork Lamb

I want lamb.
Is this lamb?


Icon Name Scenario
beef Chili / Spicy

Is this spicy?
I want spicy.

pork Ice / Cold

This is cold.
I’d like it cold.

beef Fire / Hot

This is hot.
I’d like it hot.

pork Love

I love you!
I love it!


Icon Name Scenario
police Police

I need the police!
Please call the police!

repair Repair

Is there a repair service?
I need something repaired.

first-aid First Aid

Emergency! I need help!
Do you have a first aid kit?

gas Gas

I need to buy petrol.
Where is the gas station?

phone Phone

Can I use your phone?
Is there a payphone?
I need to call someone.

atm ATM

Where is the atm machine?
Where is the bank?

computer Computer

I need a computer.
I need to access the internet.

money-exchange Money Exchange

I need to exchange my money.
Where is the money exchange?

how-much How much?

How much is this?

key Key

I lost my keys.
Where are the keys?

laundry Laundry

Do you have laundry service?
Where can I wash my clothes?

music Music

Where can I listen to music?
Can you put on some music?


Icon Name Scenario
Electricity Electricity

Is there a power socket I can use?
I need to charge my phone (point at electricity + showing your mobile phone).

Wifi Wifi

I need internet access.
Is there wifi?

Smoking Smoking

Where can I smoke?
No smoking (point at smoking + motioning "no").

Toilet Toilet

Where is the toilet?

Trash Can Trash Can

Where is the trash can?

Tissue Tissue

Do you have tissue?
I need toilet paper!

Disabled Disabled

Is this place accessible?

Infant Infant

Where is the baby facilities?

Escalator Escalator

Where is the escalator?

Elevator Elevator

Where is the elevator?

Stairs Stairs

Where are the stairs?

Queries & Locations

Icon Name Scenario
Electricity City

Where is the nearest city?
I want to go to the city.

Wifi Park

Is there a park here?
Where is the park?

Smoking Beach

Where is the beach?
I want to go to the beach.

Toilet Hotel / Lodging

I need a place to stay.
Where can I find a hotel?

Trash Can Shopping

I want to go shopping.
Where is the mall?

Tissue Supermarket / Grocery Store

Where can I buy groceries?
Where is the supermarket?

Disabled Airport

Where is the airport?
I want to go by plane.

Infant Time

What time is it?
What time does it start?

Escalator Camera

Can you help me take a picture?
Can I take a picture with you?

Elevator Partying

Where can I party?
Is there a disco around here?
Would you like to go dancing?

Stairs Directions / Map

Can you give me directions?
I need a map.


Icon Name Scenario
transport Public Transport

Where is the nearest public transport?

Bus Bus

Where are the public buses?
How can I get there by bus?

Taxi Taxi

I need a taxi.
Can you help me get a taxi?

Train Train

Where is the train station?
Can I get there by train/subway?

Ferry Ferry

Where is the ferry?

Motorcycle Motorcycle

Where can I get a motorcycle?

Car Car

I need a car.
Where can I rent a car?

Bicycle Bicycle

I need a bicycle.
Where can I rent a bicycle?

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