Host and Traveler Safety Guide

We take your safety seriously, so we place huge importance in our review system so we can keep our community safe for both travelers and hosts.

Be Cautious In Giving Away Your Personal Information

Don’t give out personal information such as your phone number or email address to someone unless you have made your booking and have made the decision to keep contact with the user outside of Travel Pal. Place more importance on interacting with users who have Verified IDs. If they are not verified within Travel Pal, make it a point to ask for these IDs.

Complete Your Profile, and Be As Honest and Upfront as Possible.

Be upfront when writing your profile. As a host, if you have house rules, make sure you add them to your profile.
As a traveler, if you have allergies to food and pet dander, make sure you have them in your profile, too. This will help you somewhat avoid unpleasant situations.

The Travel Pal Team reserves the right to ban and suspend accounts which have been found to be dishonest or fraudulent.

Study the Other Person’s Profile

In Travel Pal, you can tap on any member’s profile and read about the person as a traveler and/or host even before you start communication. This helps you initially assess if the person is someone you’d like to talk to and eventually meet. Make your initial background check, do your homework and make it a point to request for verification and IDs.- because this can go a long way towards your safety and enjoyment.

Read Through Reviews!

Whether you are traveling or hosting, take the time to review your future host or guest’s profile reviews. Read what they say about themselves and read other members’ reviews, too. Also check the reviewers’ profiles to see if there’s anything suspicious about those profiles.

Research the DOs and DONTs

When visiting a new country or city, and hosting people from other walks of life, it helps to expand your understanding of the other person’s culture ahead of time. Learn which topics are taboo and keep conversations to what is appropriate. Educate yourself on cultural, religious, and gender sensitivities as this may vary from place to place and from person to person.

Leave Your Prejudice at the Door

Be wary of topics which can be a bit tricky and might lead to heated arguments. You wouldn’t want to make your stay awkward for your guest or host. Just understand that not everyone has the same background and beliefs as you: they must endeavor to understand you (so be clear in communicating what is okay and what isn’t okay) – and as such, you must also keep an open mind and be respectful of others’ beliefs and opinions.

When You Leave Reviews, BE HONEST

Our Rating and Review system is an important part of Travel Pal: this is in place for the benefit of other travelers and hosts as well. Take the time to write reviews for each person you come in contact with, either as a traveler or a host. Tell people about your experiences chatting with them and meeting them, and this in turn will help many others who might come in contact with them in the future.

Report Abuse and Any Negative Experience

We at Travel Pal hope that all of your experiences are amazing ones, but of course sometimes you may have less-than-stellar encounters*. Please report these incidents to us right away so that we can take swift action and help prevent other people from having the same problems.To report others, tap “…” and choose “Report User” from the chat room or the person’s profile, or Report issues to us here.