Tut – Helping Your Pal Learn 2 (Adding Notes)

Helping Your Pal Learn 2 – Sending Voice Messages (Adding Notes)

You can help your pal practice a language by exchanging voice messages.

For this example, your Chinese friend wants to practice English. You can help your pal by speaking to them in English.

To help them understand what you’re saying, you can add notes to your voice messages.

First, record your voice message by holding on the record button.

Preview your recording by tapping on the “Preview” icon. You can send your message as it is by pressing “thumbs up” or you can add a note to help your pal even further.

Tap on “Add Note” and type in what you just said.

You can send it off now but you could be more helpful by adding a translation.

You could even type in more detail about your recording. When you’re satisfied, send your audio message by pressing “thumbs up”.

On your pal’s device, they will be able to listen to your message by pressing the play button.

Tapping on the green arrow will reveal the notes.

You have successfully sent your pal a helpful voice message with notes!