Hello Pal Platform

Livestreaming Service

Hello Pal, in partnership with Vortex, has monetized its userbase without adopting in-app advertising. As a result, the experience of a Hello Pal user is not ruined by unwanted advertising.

What is Livestreaming?

Livestreaming allows Hello Pal users to broadcast themselves to other users in real time, receive virtual gifts, and redeem the gifts for cash.

The Tech Movement

Hello Pal is moving forward with new technologies, such as livestream, to enhance the 5G revolution experience. Our live streaming service is comparable, in user experience and quality, to the large livestreaming companies: Twitch, KK, TicTok and Huya.

Robust Growth

Livestreaming has added growth momentum to Hello Pal’s userbase which now stands at 5 million registered users from over 200 countries and regions.

Strong Daily Usage

Over 10,000 livestreamers have been online daily from Oct to present and steadily increasing.

Monetized User Base

Total receipts have grown to over $8,636,469.26 (CAD) since worldwide rollout (Aug ‘19). Receipt growth has been organic.

5G Revolution

5G has allowed for stronger signals and clearer pictures for users across the globe. Also livestreaming has boosted sectors like education, entertainment and tourism