As a Star User, others will be able to trust you even more as each Star User has been manually approved by our staff.

Why become a Star User?


Special Badge

Get a special badge next to your name to show that you can be trusted!


Search Results Priority

Star Users will be displayed on a priority basis in search results, making you more easily searchable.

Application Requirements

  1. 1.Your Trust Score is ‘Perfect’.
  2. 2.All profile items must be completed (the more detailed the better).
  3. 3.Travel Pal – Make sure you have complete and detailed Host Listing and/or Travel Plans!
  4. 4.You have posted Moments (the more the better).

We will manually review each application and take into account all factors, including quality of your profile pictures and description, authenticity, frequency of usage, any reports by others against you, etc. Further requirements may be communicated to you by email on a case-by-case basis.

NOTE: Star User status may be revoked at any time, eg., if your profile has been modified and no longer meets our Star User requirements, or if you receive reports against you by others. Such determinations will be made at our sole discretion. Processing your application needs 7 working days.