Q3 2021 Financial Highlights

(For the Three and Nine Months Ended November 30, 2021)

  • Total revenue of $17,596,813 in 2021 YTD for livestreaming and net revenue of $1,869,865 for cryptocurrency, compared to $8,740,211 in 2020 YTD.
  • Gross profit of $3,573,770 in 2021 YTD (comprised of $1,869,865 for crypto currency mining and $1,703,905 for livestreaming) compared to $698,386 in 2020 YTD.
  • L3+ Mining Rigs sold for total consideration of USDT 3.75 million (approximately CAD 4.7 million), which represents a 100% profit compared to the effective purchase price in June of this year.

    • “Revenue increased 101% compared to the nine months ended 2020 with minimal spending on advertising and user generation during that period. With our focus on cryptocurrency mining operations, we anticipate that revenue and profit will continue in an upward trend” said KL Wong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

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