Why Are We Offering This Service?

Bringing the World Closer Together

As an international social networking platform, Hello Pal aims to reduce and remove barriers (cultural, language, geographical or otherwise) which prevent people across the world from connecting with and helping each other.

Being a currency that’s borderless and usable across the world, cryptocurrency is a match made in heaven for Hello Pal. We view cryptocurrency as having the ability to play a central role in our mission of bringing the world closer together, as its borderless nature will allow users to easily transfer economic value to other users and encourage more users to help or reward each other. This will be of enormous help to not only our existing services, but also the many new services which are currently being planned.

If mining crypto is so profitable, why aren’t we just keeping the miners to ourselves?

Crypto-mining is indeed extremely rewarding, and if the current trend in cryptocurrency prices keeps going, it will be even more so over time.

It is therefore often asked of us as to why we would want to give up profits by effectively transferring it to our users, and in the meantime taking up all the extra trouble in dealing with many large numbers of customers, in return for fees which are much less lucrative. The reason is that we hope to have more and more people familiar with and using cryptocurrency, so that international payments become increasingly borderless, which will not only help our users, but also our platform, as well as our mission. A win-win situation.