Digital Wallet

Unicrypt Partnership

  • Partnership to develop digital wallet which allows users to “one click purchase” cryptocurrencies, integrated across HP’s platforms
  • “Frictionless Registration” process for user onboarding
    • Minimal KYC element means that new users can sign up and get started easily
  • AML-5 compliant non-custodial digital wallets
    • Highly secure regulatory compliant storage for users’ digital assets
  • Sean Prescott, Founder and Executive Chairman of Unicrypt appointed as advisor
    • 20+ years of experience in enterprise information technology & banking

Hello Pal will incorporate UniCrypt’s cryptocurrency-related services into the Company’s Hello Pal suite of apps. The services to be provided include AML-5 compliant non-custodial digital wallets and the ability for users to trade cryptocurrencies and transfer their digital assets over UniCrypt’s decentralized trading platform. A key advantage to utilizing UniCrypt services is the seamless onboarding of new users due to its efficient and easy to use registration process. This advantage will be crucial in Hello Pal’s plans to integrate cryptocurrencies into its Platform, which will allow users to transfer Dogecoin and other crypto currencies amongst eachother and have a positive affect in its livestreaming services. As Hello Pal’s livestreaming operations continue to expand to new markets, cross-border payments become more and more relevant, and UniCrypt’s services are expected to be a distinct advantage.

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Hello Pal Enters into Letter of Intent with UniCrypt Group (February 15, 2022)