Crypto – Mining Operations

Hello Pal is an integrated livestream and crypto-mining platform

Our platform enables users to find and interact with live streamers from all over the world. We also operate crypto-mining and payment services.

Crypto Pal Acquisition

Crypto Pal

  • Acquired 51% interest into Crypto Pal (now Cpal) with 12,500 miners dedicated to mining DOGE and LTC
    • 12,500 miners sold for 100% profit in 2021 when Chinese crypto mining ban came into effect
  • Fixed rate agreement with Shanghai Yitang Data Technology Co. Ltd

Mining Operations

  • 400 Antminer L7 Crypto Mining Rigs purchased
    • 300 in Ohio / NY, 100 in Australia
  • Mining has commenced in Australia
  • Mining in the US expected to resume early April
  • Option to purchase remaining 49% of mining rigs
    • Price Proportional to coins generated

Mining Rigs

  • Hashrate of 9.5Gh/s which is 18.85 times higher than the L3+
  • Purchased with proceeds from sale of L3+ Mining Rigs
  • Expected revenue to generate 20% net profit per quarter
    • Expected payback period of just over 1 year

Mining Rigs Overview

Located in United States and Australia

  • Mining Facility in Ohio/NY has a power output of 10MW
    • Delivery originally scheduled for Jan 1st but postponed due to unforeseen circumstances (COVID-19 backups)
    • All rigs have arrived in US, mining to begin shortly

  • Australian facility is still under construction and has a capacity of 20,000 rigs
    • 2000 Mining Rig slots are completed
    • CPal’s Mining Rigs have arrived and are now fully operational
    • Cost of electricity will decrease overtime in accordance with commercial agreements with the energy provider

Mining Operations Moving Forward

  • 400 Mining Rigs across the US and Australia mine LTC and DOGE
  • Revenue generated will be used to purchase additional Mining Rigs focusing on other cryptocurrencies
    • 300 in Ohio / NY, 100 in Australia
  • Anticipated profits from overall crypto operations will be distributed across Hello Pal’s various business units to fund expansion plans as well as to build on existing mining capabilities

Doge Chat

Platform Details

  • Users match with others from across the globe and engage in one on one conversations
  • Unicrypt wallet integration allows “one click” purchase of crypto
  • Female users earn by chatting
  • Male users incentivised with DOGE earnings to be active
  • Launching initially with fiat currency

Crypto Enhancing Hello Pal’s Platform

Yitang Agreement

  • As part of Hello Pal’s 51% purchase of Crypto Pal from Yitang, Hello Pal can take advantage of the added technological expertise Yitang brings to its current mining business