Hello Pal Crypto-Mining Service

Own Your Very Own Crypto-Mining Machine!

Through Hello Pal’s Crypto-Mining Service, you’ll be able to own or part-own cryptocurrency mining rigs (“miners”) and enjoy the experience and rewards of mining Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Litecoin (LTC), all without the hassle of finding/acquiring a suitable miner, complicated hardware/software setup, expensive electricity bills and endless maintenance!

Between Hello Pal and our strategic partners, we have over 40,000 miners that we are able to make available to you, so that you can own your own miner and start mining BTC, ETH, DOGE and LTC.

What’s So Special About Our Crypto-Mining Service?

You may have heard about Cloud-mining, where you rent cloud computing power to mine cryptocurrency. This is NOT cloud-mining.

Our service allows you to purchase your own specific miner and own it, so all the cryptocurrency mined from it belongs to you, and since you own the miner, you can transfer ownership of it, or even sell it back to us. As part of our terms of sale and service, your miner will be hosted and managed in our professionally-run mining facilities which enjoy first-class security and very low-cost electricity.

Yet, your miner will be specifically identifiable to you, and through our daily livestreams, you will be able to view your very own miner, with your very own name on it! Pictures of your miner will be regularly sent to you, and if that’s not enough, you can even arrange for a personal livestreaming session to view your miner when you want.

Once purchased, just sit back and watch your mined cryptocurrency get credited to your Hello Pal crypto wallet every day (after deduction of electricity and maintenance costs). Your miner will be automatically pooled with other other miners so that instead of only receiving cryptocurrency when it successfully mines a block (which could be a very long time between rewards), your miner will be credited daily according to its proportional contribution towards the mining pool. You will be able to transfer your mined cryptocurrency to another wallet at your convenience (less applicable network transfer fees).

Purchase of fractional ownership will also be possible.

Full details of our terms of service will be available upon launch.

Service Coming Soon!

Our Crypto-Mining Service will be offered to a very limited group very soon as part of our beta testing process. Sign up to our Crypto-Mining Newsletter to be notified about our beta testing, launch and related news.

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