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CUỘC THI HELLO PAL: Chia sẻ Khoảnh khắc Giáng Sinh của bạn! 🎄

It’s Christmas season at Hello Pal! How do you celebrate the holidays in your country? Share pictures showing your Christmas celebrations, decorations, sceneries, etc. through moments. Those who shared the best moments will receive special prizes! We’re giving away prizes ...
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Cập nhật Ứng dụng Hello Pal: Tặng quà cho những Khoảnh khắc mà bạn thích! 🎉

Мы только что выпустили Hello Pal 5.2.5! Это обновление включает в себя полностью новую функцию «ПОДАРОК» для Моментов и несколько других улучшений. Читайте дальше! Нравится чей-либо Момент? Подарите Подарок! Обновите Hello Pal, и вы увидите совершенно новую кнопку «Подарок» в ...
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Giới thiệu Phần thưởng Hello Pal – Nhận Blockchain Coin bằng cách Sử dụng Hello Pal!

UPDATE HELLO PAL We just released our own Hello Pal coin – the Palto (PLT)! With our latest update of Hello Pal (version 5.2), you now earn rewards in the form of Palto (PLT) and Bitcoin (BTC), with other digital ...
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Ví Hello Pal đã ra mắt – Nhận Bitcoin Miễn phí!

Hello Pal 5.0 is now available! With the built-in wallet, you can now get hold of some FREE BITCOIN! Read on for more details. The Hello Pal Wallet With the new Wallet feature, you can now receive and send Bitcoin, ...
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