TP Tut – How To Add A Travel Plan

How To Add A Travel Plan

September 12, 2016

1. Select an interested travel destination

In the Traveling screen, click the add button (+) to add a country or a city which you want to travel to.


2. Fill in and complete travel plan’s relevant details

In the Add Trip screen, fill in details such as required services, the number of travelers, the arrival date, the duration of stay, your expectation and message to the host.


3. Submit trip

A. After saving and submitting successfully, hosts can see your fascinating travel plan through filter by condition, and choose to host you.


B. View submitted results, and uses the one-click search function.

After sending out travel plan successfully, submitted results can be viewed in the Travel Plans screen. Afterwards, a single click on the search button on the right side allows you to quickly update the search results of hosts with the relevant place.


Friendly Reminder:
Polite and honest communication is the first step in interpersonal relationship! Sincere comments and requests will allow you to receive invitations from more hosts. If your travel plan has ended or found a suitable host, close it in the Travel Plans screen and so you won’t be bothered by hosts again.