Livestreaming coming to Hello Pal!

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Hello Pal v6.0 is now being released with a brand new Livestreaming feature, allowing you to broadcast yourself to the world and receive gifts (redeemable for cash) from other users! Note: Hello Pal v6.0 is currently only available in China. Rollout to most other countries is expected sometime in late May. Stay tuned! Key features Watch Livestreams You can now …

The Best Social Messaging Apps Allow People To Meet Each Other

Today’s Best Social Messaging Apps Remain Localized

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Could an International Chat Platform Become one of The World’s Best Social Messaging Apps? It’s becoming more and more apparent that we’re entering a post-facebook world. Building time lines and looking back at what was happening this time last year is the nostalgic nature of a generation who likes posting memes about how kids today don’t recognize rotary phones. Naturally, the lucrative …